Median home price in San Diego County surpasses $500,000
November 30, 2016 by: raye scott
Market Updates

Here’s a great article from the San Diego Union Tribune on the current real estate market

The median home price in October exceeded a half-million dollars for the first time in a decade in San Diego County, real estate tracker CoreLogic reported Tuesday.

Pushed up by high demand and limited supply, the median price hit $507,500, up 11 percent from a year ago. It has still not reached the housing boom peak of $517,500 in November 2005.

San Diego’s Median Home Price Falls
November 1, 2016 by: raye scott
Market Updates

According to a report done by CoreLogic this past Wednesday, The San Diego median home price last month reached $495,000, which is a decrease from the moth prior, however, this is a strong number for this time of year. Last month the median home price reached $498,000, however, this is still low compared to the highest recorded median home price back in 2005 of $517,500.

To Buy or to Rent? Buying Might Actually Be Cheaper
October 28, 2016 by: raye scott
Market Updates

If someone told you that buying would be a cheaper decision for you in the long run, would you believe them? If you live in San Diego County, then you should.

According to Trulia’s Rent vs. Buy study released on Thursday, it is 32 percent cheaper to buy than rent in San Diego.

San Diego Hasn’t Seen the Median Home Price This High in 11 Years
September 21, 2016 by: raye scott
Market Updates

This past Monday, CoreLogic reported that the median home price in San Diego was $498,000 in August. San Diego hasn’t seen prices this high in 11 years!

More specifically, the median price of a resale home was $550,000 which is a 6.8 percent increase over the past 12 months, resale condos grew to $377,750 – a 7 percent increase over this past year, and newly built homes were 684,500 a 5.6 percent increase.

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